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Full Version: How do I report an issue?
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Does the translator not work as it is expected? You do not need to worry, as you can easily report any bug, crash, feature problem and content issue you may have.

We would just need as many details as you can provide, so we can work to reproduce the issue and provide detailed information to our development team. 

The general information we would need is: 
1. The exact name of the product
2. The exact version of the product
3. The make and model of your device
4. The Android OS version
5. Screenshots or video documentations are appreciated as they give us an exact perspective of the problem. 
6. Exact steps you went through so we can reproduce the issue

Please make sure: 
1. Always use the latest build
2. Be sure to blur any personal information you may have just in case

We do appreciate every single report and we take time to hear/read out each and every one. 

Thank you in advance. 
Thank you for providing us with this information. slope unblocked
Thanks for the information, I will try to figure it out for more. Keep sharing such informative post keep suggesting such post. 
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We appreciate you giving us this information.
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