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How do I report an issue?

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How do I report an issue?
Thanks for sharing this with us.                                                                                                                                                                                              Candy Crush
If you're experiencing issues with a specific dictionary app, I recommend contacting the app's support team directly. Most apps have a support or contact option within the app or on their website. They will be able to assist you in reporting any bugs or issues you're facing and provide the necessary guidance to resolve them. Bitlife
(07-29-2021, 01:50 PM)Mary-Ann Support Wrote: Hello, 

Does the dictionary app not work as it is expected? You do not need to worry, as you can easily report any bug, crash, feature problem and content issue you may have.

We would just need as many details as you can provide, so we can work to reproduce the issue and provide detailed information to our development team. 

The general information we would need is: 
1. The exact name of the product
2. The exact version of the product
3. The make and model of your device
4. the iOS OS version
5. Screenshots or video documentations are appreciated as they give us an exact perspective of the problem. 
6. Exact steps you went through so we can reproduce the issue
Please make sure: 
1. Always use the latest build
2. Be sure to blur any personal information you may have just in case

We do appreciate every single report and we take time to hear/read out each and every one. 

Thank you in advance. Smile

Screenshots or video documentation that highlights the issue. This helps the development team understand the problem visually. This approach encourages users to actively engage in improving the app's functionality by providing specific information that allows developers to diagnose and resolve issues effectively. Thanks!

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