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I think that picture references would be a good addition to the product itself. It is important for the users to be able to visualize each definition, not only listen to the pronunciation. Please let me know what you think on the matter. [Image: smile.png]
-MobiSystems Support Team-
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This is too good a job. I always wish they all had illustrations or something like that. Because when we see clear reference images, they store them longer and more easily in our brains. lolbeans
I'm not sure why I didn't know about this website called previously. That way, I could save a lot of time. But now I use it every day!
Your website is one of my favorites to read. Its composition and production reflect excellent effort. Unlike some of the less impressive blogs I've read fnf mods
The product would benefit greatly from the inclusion of visual aids. Users need to be able to picture each definition, not only hear how it's spoken. snake io

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